Challenge your short-game
with these two skills challenges

Set yourself up to have a short lob shot immediately over a bunker that has to land on the green on the other side of the bunker, within no more than 6-10 feet of the flag. This is a delicate shot you have to get up and down very quickly. Take 10 shots, scoring 3 points every time you hole out, 2 points if you can get the ball within 3 feet, and 1 point within 6 feet. Take 1 point off for every shot that lands in the bunker or goes off the back of the green. Make this a drill you practice. If you want to be a master of the short game, you should be looking to score at least 14 points. Consider yourself a wizard if you’re scoring 18 points or more.

Find a distance about 60 yards from the flag. You’re going to fire 10 shots at the flag from the same location. This will test how much control you have over distance, but more importantly, how consistently you strike the golf ball. Sink one of these shots and award yourself 4 points. Within 6 feet is 3 points. You’ll mark down 2 points if you’re within 12 feet and a point if your within 24 feet. Points can only be awarded if you are on the green, even if you’re within 24 feet of the pin. So you can be just 10 feet from the pin, but if you’re on the fringe you don’t get any points. Those looking to add consistency to their game should be looking to score 21 points or more. Keep a record. Try and set a new record each time you try this drill.

You can’t always get to spend 4 hours playing 18 holes and sometimes practice can seem tedious. So let’s change it up. Let’s find ways to make practice fun. Let’s find ways to have a competition with friends in 45 minutes. If you’re looking for other ideas, please contact us.