Golf with a twist
Turn the scoring zone into
your playground

You play over half of your shots on a normal round in the ‘scoring zone’ (the area inside 100 yards of the green). So it makes sense that you’d want to improve in this zone, and playing a round of holes in this zone is a fun way to do that.

“Take only the clubs you know you’ll need to play the final 100 yards of any hole. Leave the tee boxes and most of the fairway behind you as you drop a ball inside your scoring zone of each hole and play from there. And feel free to play more than one ball if you like.”

Throw out the scorecard

Don’t restrict golf to an 18-hole, par-72, 4-hour experience. It can be so much more than that. You can choose how you want to enjoy golf each time you play. That may be a traditional format on one day and a 70-yard, 9-hole format on another day. Free yourself up to more ways of enjoying this great game.