Two ways to reduce a fade / slice

First you move weight to the heel side, using a fixed weight at the rear of the club. That will not only ensure the club is trying to create draw spin on the ball, it makes it easier to rotate the club face square.

And you reduce the swingweight of the club. A lighter club is easier to control, easier to get on a good swing path, and easier to release.

The Ping G410 SFT is a breakthrough driver

The extra smarts in the Ping G410 Drivers can be found in the design
of the adjustable hosel. It’s really lightweight and aerodynamic.

The much lighter weight allows the weight in the club to remain very deep and low. That raises the MOI above 9000. That is sensationally forgiving.

Our judgement

“This is a unique achievement. Adjustable hosels usually come with weight that lowers the MOI and reduces the size of the hitting zone. They also, until now, raised the CoG and brought it closer to the face, making launch more challenging. Not with the Ping G410 Drivers. These are a break through in forgiveness, accuracy, distance AND control over ball flight.”