Golf is good for your child.
Life skills through experience.

Golf etiquette and values foster behaviors and skills that will help your child deal with life more effectively. The golf course can be seen as a safe and fun testing ground for real-world challenges.

Overcoming obstacles
Golfers are faced with a variety of challenges during a round that require problem solving skills and self-belief to solve.

Dealing with disappointment
As in life, there are ups and downs during a round. Golf teaches children to accept the highs as well as the lows.

Reflecting on one’s actions
Golf challenges players to assess themselves, accept critique and look for ways to improve.

10 reasons why
Golf offers many more benefits for your child. We’ve highlighted ten of the best here.

Let them enjoy everything golf has to offer

Whether it’s the immediate benefits like fun, outdoor exercise and family time, or long-term benefits like physical and mental development, golf has so much to offer your child. Give them the chance to experience it all.