We want to make the game simpler

Too often golf magazines and books leave readers, especially those with less experience, mentally tied up in knots.
And that doesn’t help when it comes to trying to swing the golf club. So let’s try and make it simpler.

Grip a #7 iron with just the index and middle fingers and thumb of your right hand (vice versa for left handers)
leaving your little finger off the club. Now swing the club back and down.

Because your grip won’t be strong enough to “control the club”, the club weight will control what happens.
You’ll notice that your hands and the club head will hinge, open and close naturally. How does that feel?

We get so obsessed with getting the ball around the golf course that we often lose the joy of making square, solid contact.
If you’re shooting in the 90’s or even higher, forget the scorecard. Let’s simplify the swing in search of “square, solid contact”.
The scorecard will follow. Come and see us. We can help.