Spin separation and your golf ball
What’s the big deal for you?

You’ll hear a lot about spin separation as it relates to golf balls in the months ahead.

The new Callaway Chrome Soft has high spin separation, but what is that, and why does it matter?

Spin separation is the measure of the difference between the highest spin rate on your short shots,
and the lowest spin rate from your Driver, with the same golf ball.

Each of the different layers in a tour golf ball like
the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X have a role
to play in changing the spin performance off every
club, without compromising on other aspects of the
golf ball’s performance.

And that’s why you’re going to hear us talk a lot about the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X, and their new graphene dual SoftFast core.
It drives up the spin separation to improve performance from the clubs at both ends of your bag. 

We want our golfers playing with a golf ball that makes better golf easier to experience more often. It’s an important part of your overall package
that includes technique, clubs, and game management. We’d argue it’s an easier part for you to get right.
So come and chat to us about the golf ball for your game.