Your numbers don’t lie
Why you should keep two scorecards

The short game has arguably the most opportunity for improving your playing experience. But do you know your ‘short-game score’? You should, because it can help lower your overall score.

What is your average score inside 40 yards?
For your next three rounds, keep a separate scorecard and record how many shots you take inside 40 yards. On holes where you find the green from over 40 yards, simply don’t record a score. If your ‘short-game score’ is over 3 shots, there’s a lot we can improve.

Yes, you can!
Not all golfers can hit 250- yard drives, or find the green from 150 yards out, but all golfers – regardless of skill level – can average less than 3 shots inside 40 yards.

Become a short-game master

Once you have the fundamentals of chipping, pitching and bunker play dialed in, wedge play becomes a lot more fun. A swing and setup assessment is a great way for us to make sure you’ve got all the tools you need to become a short-game master.