The ‘Compression Revolution’
Wilson Duo: the ball that started it all

We remember the day when the market leaders trashed all talk of low compression golf balls having high-performance.
While they poured water on the idea, the team at Wilson just got on with the job of manufacturing low compression golf balls
with a great feel, which go a long way. And our golfers carried on playing them.

The two-piece Wilson Duo Golf Ball works for
those looking for distance and less spin off the tee, along
with a soft feel around the greens.

The groundbreaking 29 compression
makes this the world's softest golf ball. 

What makes such extreme performance possible is the property and size of the Rubber core.
Yes, the ball compresses under impact, but it has a high CoR, so the “rebound” rate is very high.
Lots of energy is transferred from club face to ball.

Wilson Duo Urethane

for the most performance
tee to green. 

Wilson Duo Spin

for stopping power on approach
and short pitch shots 

Wilson Duo

For maximum tee shot distance
along with a soft feel. 

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