It’s not on an even keel

The sole of the new TaylorMade SIM (Shape in Motion) driver has a keel. It's not aligned. But it's critical to the design. It allows no compromise to any speed or ease of use or consistency.

“To get the most forgiveness previous designers have had to compromise aerodynamics and distance. Remember that square driver? To get the fastest head speed has meant sleeker heads requiring much more precision to find the sweet spot and get the right launch”.

The TaylorMade SIM Driver solves that conundrum

The “keel” on the sole allows weight to be located deep and low, despite the aerodynamic head shape. That creates higher launch with less spin and helps to keep the head stable. You get a more consistent tee shot and a longer carry.

The biggest impact on distance is ball speed. The angled “keel” improves the aerodynamics. You will more easily accelerate the clubhead through the final quarter of the downswing. The super fast face is made legal by a computer-controlled foam injection process.

Change your golf experience

We want to put you on the fairway more often off the tee. And, we want you to be further down that fairway. Match this new technology, with our fitting expertise AND your swing to get your personal Launch DNA, and the game of golf can be more fun on every hole. Let us show you.