3 steps to better par 3s
A safer way to score

When standing on the tee box of any par 3, your first thought should be, ‘What’s the easiest and safest target I can go for? Ignore the flag. Find the point on the green that gives you the most room for error.

Step 3:
Remove the risk

Very often, going for the flag on a par 3 increases risk. In this example, a slight miss when going for the flag puts you in the water hazard. It’s an all-or-nothing shot. But, if you aim for the larger area in the middle of the green, you’re only risking an up and down if you go long or fall short.

For one full round, try taking a ‘safety first’ approach on every shot and see what the effect is on your score. Course management is really important to your playing experience. If you’re interested in an accompanied round where we help you with your course management, please let us know.

Improve your par 3 performance

What area of your game could we improve to help you lower your average score on par 3s?

If you missed step 2 to better par 3s,