100% forged body, giving more golfers the
option to ‘feel’ the perfect golf shot.

AI designed flash face that brings faster
ball speed to more golfers.

More tungsten than ever to create more
stability, and better golf shots more often
for more golfers.

There are three models in this set, deliberately extending the pleasure of a forged feel to a greater number of our golfers. But interestingly, the design innovation also extends forgiveness and ball speed to the better and best ball strikers.

Designed to improve the playing experience of those who struggle to hit the target consistently with their mid and longer irons. Especially useful to those who might have lost some distance and those who lose the ball to the fade side of the target.

Good ball strikers NOT playing forged irons should give these a try. They will provide a sensational experience while also offering an even tighter shot dispersion and the ability to land mid and longer irons even closer.

For the low single figure handicap golfer, feel, and precision is critical. There is little room for error with a scratch handicap. These are compact, forged irons designed to HELP you hit more on-the-money approach shots.

Experience what forged
forgiveness can mean

This is an iron that delivers ‘experience’ on so many levels. Which levels are important to you? And what can that feel like? Come and let us give you that experience.