Who doesn’t want a larger sweet spot?

Srixon Z Series Drivers offer a bigger route to distance

Where are you striking the ball on the face of your driver? What’s the damage when it’s higher towards the toe,
or low on the face, especially towards the heel? Lost trajectory? Lost ball speed? Too much spin? 

That’s why the Srixon design team worked so hard to ensure that so much more of the face was able to flex creating maximum COR.

With the Z65 series Drivers we can adjust loft,
face angle and lie to match your swing path,
plane, angle of attack and preference for
ball flight.

As well as adjusting the CG location
we can also change the feel of the driver
to match your preference.

The ‘ripple’ sole design on the Z 765 and Z 565 Drivers will have a noticeable impact on the most common area of ‘miss-strikes’
(low on the face). Why not come and let us see how much of an impact all the technology in either of these clubs can have
on your performance off the tee?
Contact us.