Speed: #1 for distance

Each mph of extra clubhead speed will generate 2mph of extra ball speed and 4 extra yards of distance. The TaylorMade SIM (Shape in Motion) is a speed freak.

An aerodynamic shape with a radical keel is designed to allow the clubhead to easily cut through the air, especially over the last moments, as the speed builds to impact.

On initial assembly, the face is so fast it’s illegal. Each face is individually tested, and a computer controls the amount of foam injection (through two ports) to bring the face back to the legal limit.

Change your golf experience

We want to put you on the fairway more often off the tee. And, we want you to be further down that fairway. Match this new technology, with our fitting expertise AND your swing to get your personal Launch DNA, and the game of golf can be more fun on every hole. Let us show you.