Searching for speed

Previously we detailed the aerodynamics and the face technology behind the TaylorMade SIM’s ability to generate much faster ball speed.

There are other ways we can help you generate more speed without extra effort. Remember 1 extra mph of clubhead speed is 2 extra mph of ball speed that translates to 4 extra yards.

Shaft weight makes a difference to how fast you can swing the club. It also changes feel. It will also give us even more chances to optimize your launch. We can fit shafts from 72g down to 47g with the SIM models.

Change your golf experience

We want to put you on the fairway more often off the tee. And, we want you to be further down that fairway. Match this new technology, with our fitting expertise AND your swing to get your personal Launch DNA, and the game of golf can be more fun on every hole. Let us show you.