Will the PING G400 Driver forgive your golf swing?

The PING G400 Driver comes in three options. Standard, SFT (to remove right side misses), and LFT (for those who need even lower spin at launch). But each option has real innovation to improve ball speed off more of the face, and to increase forgiveness to whole new levels. Remember, the best performance comes from a fully fitted Driver. 

Interested in reading what we have to say about the PING G400 Driver and its technology?

PING is more than a technology company. It’s a company that works for the golfer, releasing new equipment when they have a story of improvement to tell and deliver. That’s why we recommend that anyone looking to improve their tee-shot performance should come and let us set them in the perfect PING G400 configuration. ‘How much extra distance’ is a pointless question. ‘How much more accurate and consistent’ is a better question.”