Added to the range and we think likely to be a very interesting solution for many of our golfers is the TSi1.

And finally, probably for those who aspire to elite competition or who play close to scratch (although there are some interesting exceptions we’ll get into), the TSi4.

So how do we see the different solutions working for you?

Rediscover your youth! The TSi1 is an ultra-light driver designed to allow those who are seeing the impact of age on mobility, strength, and swing speed to find ‘fast’ again.

If you’re likely to strike your driver all over the face, then the speed and launch protection offered across a much larger area of the TSi2 will help you gain a more consistent result. That’s longer distances more often. But also a straighter flight.

The TSi3 offers those with a more consistent strike pattern, swing path, and attack angle the chance to set up this club perfectly for their swing, including the CoG location. That allows ball speed to be maximized.

If a lower spin will bring you extra carry, then the TSi4 gives you that opportunity. It’s also sensationally forgiving for a more compact driver. The best players will be able to swing really hard to achieve record distances.

Get your biggest improvement

The Titleist range of drivers comes with so much ability for us to personalize the configuration and setup that we can unlock your maximum potential. Fitting this driver changes your